Andre Bisson – Break | Album Review

Andre Bisson-Break

self release

12 songs time-48:39

Although this Canadian is a singer-guitarist, the emphasis here on his yearning, pleading and passionate rhythm and blues inflected vocals. His guitar skills are exhibited in the few brief solos included here. The arrangements by Andre are sophisticated and complex. His choice of musicians is on the money. They include keyboards, horns and the occasional violin or cello. Andre does a first class job on the writing and arranging of songs. All save one are written by his hand. The music draws a lot from R&B, soul, funk and blues.

His well seasoned vocals reveal an authentic blue-eyed soul man as witnessed on the powerful title cut. The horn section pushes it to the limit. Andre rips off a brief guitar solo. The funkiness continues on “How Many Times”, complete with old school girl background vocals. Andre’s Memphis tinged guitar playing hits the mark. “I Got The Right” keeps the groove keepin’ on. Things get toned down with the slow and poignant “The Reason Why”.

A Blues Brothers horn vibe permeates the R&B gem “Feelin’ Fine” with Andres yearning vocals showing no sign of letting up. James Brown energy ignites “Next In Line” with its’ “stop on a dime and give you nine cents change” horn section. More Memphis soul pops up in deliberate and soulful “Is This Happening”. A New Orleans rhythmic vibe with underlying Professor Longhair style piano moves the irresistible “Your Attention(I Don’t Need)” along quite nicely thank you very much. It also features a nifty trombone solo by Rob Somerville .

“Reflections” is another slow ballad, this one with a bluesy guitar solo. “The Last Sandwich In Hungry Town” is “funkilicious” with a heavy bass line. Heck, Andre must watch Guy Fierri on The Food Network. His treatment of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” employs the same lyrics, but forgoes the melody for a R&B rendition. I don’t quite see the point, but it keeps the funk rolling along. A plus is another nice trombone solo. The sole backing of acoustic guitar, cello and backing vocal accompany the closing tender ballad “Nothing At All(Live)”. “The heartache’s better than feeling nothing at all”.

Deep emotions delivered by an impassioned singer with strong songs and a tight backing band. How can you go wrong. You just can’t. Pick this soulful work up.

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