2015 Blues Blast Music Awards Submission Form

 Eligible recordings release period is from May 1, 2014 to April 30th, 2015

INSTRUCTIONS: Please print this form, fill it out and include one copy in each box of CD's that you submit.  Please enclose a separate copy of this form for each release submitted for consideration. You only need ONE COPY of this form in the box!

NEW FOR 2015 - For 2015, there is a $10 charge to have your music sent to the 30 nominators. We hated to do this but it is outrageously expensive to send boxes of CDs to our nominators. Your check of money order must accompany your submissions. This $10 charge is for each recording submitted, not for each copy of the recording! So if a label sends in 30 copies for three of their artists releases, it would be $30! This charge gets your release directly into the hands of the Blues Blast Music Award Nominators. Simply send in 30 individual copies of your release and the $10 fee and we will forward them to the nominators. Please make checks payable to Blues Blast Magazine.

Contact Information of Person Submitting this Release

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State/Region Zip/Postal Code  Country
Company Website URL:  Email
Contact Phone #  Comments

IMPORTANT - We begin accepting submissions on March 1st! Your Submission and fees MUST be received by April 15th, 2015 to be included in the submissions sent to the 2015 nominators.

NOMINATION CATEGORIES (Categories with asterisk* are new for 2015)
(Check the categories you wish this release to be considered for)

___Contemporary Blues Album ___Traditional Blues Album ___Soul Blues Album
___Rock Blues Album ___Acoustic Blues Album ___*Live Recording Of The Year
___New Artist Debut ___Sean  Costello Rising Star Award ___Male Blues Artist
___Female Blues Artist ___Blues Band Of The Year

___ *Historical or Vintage Recording

Release & Artist Details

Artist Name________________________________ CD Title ________________________________________

Official Release Date_______________________  Record Label ____________________________________

 Include one copy of this form along with your check or money order and mail 30 individual copies of the CD to:

2014 Blues Blast Music Awards
PO Box 721
Pekin, IL 61555

We suggest that you send them first class with tracking.
However if you mail early, media mail with tracking may be less expensive.
Media mail can take 2 weeks or longer!